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We at Turning Point have a sincere passion to help all of those who desire change from a destructive lifestyle. We have made it our goal to provide the very best of facilities, support and structure for those who are willing to do so.

Our History

In 2006, two individuals joined forces to form Turning Point Residential Recovery program. Both having a past scarred by alcoholism and addiction, they set out with a passion to help others who were suffering from the same issues. That desire, coupled with the necessary work it takes to create a quality residential facility that focuses on addiction issues, Turning Point has been blessed to help countless others to achieve sobriety and restore their family. From day one, Turning Point has made it a priority to provide the very best residential housing and recovery program available to those who need it.

Our Mission

Our mission at Turning Point is to provide the very best environment possible for those who desire a change from the destructive lifestyle of substance abuse. It is our passion to offer the very best of facilities, support and structure to help those who are struggling with addiction and its related issues.


Our Team

Our team consists of experienced professionals that will help each participant through their journey. At Turning Point, our team strives to provide each participant with the skills and knowledge they need to live a drug and alcohol free life.

Art Fowler

Art Fowler

Clinical Supervisor

Certified at both state and national levels, assessing and treating addictions, Art has a 30 plus year history in the field of residential and community-based treatment. He has worked in treatment centers as a counselor, experiential therapist, treatment team coordinator, and program director of adolescent and adult units. Art has served as a licensed professional counselor specializing with issues of addiction, chemical dependency, sex, and pornography for Alpha Hope Counseling clients since 2007. Art enjoys leading teams on short-term mission trips to Central America. In May of 2013, Art accepted the position of Clinical Director for Recovery Outfitters. Art brings a rich history in outdoor sports to Recovery Outfitters, specializing in rafting, climbing, and whitewater canoeing. He currently serves the American Canoe Association as part of the Open Canoe Slalom Committee and has held certifications in Swiftwater Rescue, solo/tandem canoe instruction, and is trained as a wilderness first responder.

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