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At Turning Point,Located in Gainesville, GA, we’ve made it our goal to provide the very best of facilities, support and structure for those who are willing and ready to turn from a destructive lifestyle.

GARR Certified

Turning Point is a 12 month residential recovery program. We specialize in helping those with substance abuse issues who often need to learn basic life skills, how to maintain employment and adjust to living in a sober lifestyle.


Who is Turning Point?

Find out more about Turning Point and our mission to help those ready to change their lives from the inside out. See how our program works.

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Are you ready to begin on the path to recovery? Need to speak with a counselor to discuss your journey? This is a great place to start.


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Located in Gainesville, GA, we’re centrally located but secluded enough to ensure privacy and serenity on the journey to recovery.

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A comprehensive recovery facility in Gainesville, GA

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“My time at Turning Point turned out to be a pivotal time for me in my life. I was able to finally get my life together and figure out how to manage my life again. Thank you!!”

— Rob, Program Graduate, 2017